With a commitment to providing unparalleled solutions, Pinnacle Trenchless leverages over 15 years of expertise and profound knowledge in the Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) industry and business management. The company's hands-on experience includes the installation of CIPP liners across various pipe materials and sizes, covering every aspect of the no-dig pipe rehabilitation, inspection, repair, and replacement industry. The team at Pinnacle Trenchless holds certifications as NASSCO-Certified ITCP-CIPP and ITCP-MR consultants, ensuring a high standard of expertise and professionalism.

Now, we have proudly partnered with The Magnolia Agency, a leading provider of trenchless insurance policies. This strategic collaboration enhances the suite of services offered to clients, ensuring comprehensive coverage and support in the trenchless industry.

What to Expect

We train, guide, support, and coach our clients. From experienced engineers and municipal administrators to newly hired technicians, our goal is to ensure the effectiveness, efficacy, accuracy, and precision of trenchless pipe rehabilitation. Our clients can expect in-depth information and hands-on training. Our clients may choose an education package or work with us on a retainer basis.

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Comprehensive Solutions for Trenchless Services

When contractors plan to expand their business to include trenchless pipe rehabilitation and replacement services, The Magnolia Agency becomes a reliable partner in safeguarding their livelihood. The agency offers comprehensive trenchless insurance policies tailored to the specific needs of minimally invasive services. These policies serve as a protective shield for the time and effort invested in the business. Regardless of the company's size or the volume of trenchless projects undertaken, The Magnolia Agency ensures complete coverage.

Acknowledging the potential financial implications of mishaps in trenchless pipeline installation, the agency emphasizes the importance of having the correct insurance policy. The cost of replacing old or damaged pipelines can be significant, making proper coverage essential. The agency advises businesses to assess their policies to confirm if they are sufficiently comprehensive, preventing potential denials of claims. Prospective clients are encouraged to reach out to The Magnolia Agency for a thorough evaluation and expert guidance on their insurance needs.

Excellence from Day One

Since its launch in 2021, The Magnolia Agency has specialized in catering to construction accounts nationwide. Trusted by some of the largest pipelining contractors in the USA, the agency provides insurance and surety bonds. Their commitment extends to pairing clients with the right carrier/surety based on location and service requirements. The agency's expertise in the trenchless pipe restoration industry distinguishes it from competitors.

The team at The Magnolia Agency eagerly anticipates elucidating the array of insurance policy options available for trenchless industry professionals. With a profound passion for supporting this community, the agency is dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction through exceptional customer service. Those seeking information about insurance policies for trenchless pipe restoration and replacement providers are encouraged to contact The Magnolia Agency.

Benefits of Collaborating With The Magnolia Agency

The agency passionately engages with construction clients to discuss Member-Owned Group Captives, presenting a unique policy that acts as the trenchless technology in the plumbing industry. This innovative approach transforms insurance programs into profit centers, offering substantial returns. Even for those who may not qualify for a captive, the agency remains committed to minimizing insurance costs and improving the renewal process.


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What to Expect From The Magnolia Agency

The agency provides proactive customer service, understanding that construction crews often work during evenings, weekends, and holidays. With a commitment to accessibility, The Magnolia Agency facilitates discussions about operational changes, ensures the swift issuance of Certificates of Insurance (COIs), and promptly settles any open claims. Their efficiency, comprehensive coverage, and fast turnaround times provide clients with peace of mind, value, and robust protection for their businesses.

For those seeking a partner dedicated to delivering effective trenchless solutions, Pinnacle Trenchless stands out as a trusted ally.