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When you start a trenchless pipe rehabilitation business or decide to expand your current plumbing services to include no-dig solutions, count on Pinnacle Trenchless to guide you along the way. Our founder has more than 15 years of experience with CIPP installation and all of the processes in the trenchless service industry. As a solution-driven and client-focused company, we focus on helping your business thrive.

Who We are

Our founder, Steve Maszczak, has done it all when it comes to trenchless pipe rehabilitation. As a team of consultants, we have experience in sewer and water line repair and replacement, all types of CIPP liners, and working with all types of pipes. We offer guidance and coaching to new businesses and contractors seeking to expand their services. Our experience also includes project management, operations, and sales. The Pinnacle Trenchless consulting team offers top-notch training, education, and coaching for engineers, municipal employees, and contractors.

Who we serve

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What We Offer

We offer a full range of marketing, business growth, sales, training, and educational services. Clients can choose from our standard, pro, and premium packages or hourly or daily services.

Project Management

Our project management services include access to virtual and in-person training, field support, and selecting proper equipment & materials. We teach contractors how to use their new equipment and maintain it. With our help, businesses learn how to choose the right materials for each job and how to prepare them for installation. Our team supports contractors dealing with project problems, including failed liners. We also offer on-site and virtual job walk-throughs. Companies planning for certification work with us for video reviews and education.

We understand that contractors often focus on fieldwork, which is why we offer business management consulting services. Our business coaching includes financial best practices, preparing and executing contract documents, acquiring new customers, creating effective sales pitches, and providing clear and accurate quotes and estimates. Through our affiliate network, we offer consultations for recruiting new team members and retaining staff, developing your website, marketing your company, and creating marketing materials.

Business Management


15 years of


expert in CIPP and Trenchless Rehab


field professional in pipe lining industry


extensive industry knowledge

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Our in-depth and up-to-date industry knowledge allows us to provide high-quality education and coaching for your business. Each of our consultants has more than 10 years of field and sales experience. We have a complete understanding of client needs and specialized industry knowledge.

For more details about us and our consulting services, contact Pinnacle Trenchless today.