Who We Serve

As leaders in the trenchless pipe rehabilitation and installation consulting industry, our team at Pinnacle Trenchless Consulting serves clients around the world. We're passionate about helping companies, municipalities and engineers grow and thrive. Our consulting team has specialized experience in every area of the trenchless pipe services industry, and we look forward to providing you and your team with thorough coaching, training, and education.

Founded by Steve Maszczak, Pinnacle Trenchless Consulting consists of a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals from the trenchless pipe rehabilitation industry. We have worked in every area, including CIPP lining, materials sourcing, engineering, sales, marketing, operations, project management, and site preparation and inspection. Our team focuses on clients and creates solutions to fit your and your customer's unique needs.

Who we serve

Serving Clients Globally

We work with contractors, municipalities, and engineers throughout the United States and around the world. Each member of our consulting team has traveled extensively in order to provide training, education, and business guidance.


Our consultants offer a full range of services to new and established contractors in the trenchless rehabilitation field. We offer in-house, field, and virtual training. For contractors expanding into trenchless services or just getting started, we assist with selecting materials, manufacturers, and equipment. We train your team on how to set up and use all types of equipment and CIPP liners. Our support includes guidance on failed liners, job walk-throughs, video reviews of your work, and creating accurate estimates and quotes. On the management side, we offer coaching and hands-on assistance with staff recruitment, marketing, website development, sales, print media, contracts, and financial best practices.

We offer consultations to engineers and municipalities that work with CIPP installers. Our field training shows you how to identify issues and resolve them. We also offer pre-, during- and post-job walk-through expertise, certification coaching, and guidance on industry standards and safety guidelines.

Engineers and Municipalities

What Clients Can Expect

Municipalities, engineers, and contractors who work with us can expect to receive comprehensive assistance on every aspect of the trenchless rehabilitation business. Our consultants take the time to understand your niche in the industry and create customized education, training, and assistance to help you advance. Clients who work with us receive the knowledge and training necessary for success on every project.

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