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At Pinnacle Trenchless, we have more than 15 years of experience providing exemplary consulting services to contractors, engineers, and municipalities who provide or use trenchless pipe rehabilitation and replacement services. We have extensive field experience with every type of trenchless product and process. Through our consulting services, we set you up for success on each trenchless pipe project you do.

We train your crew how to do the best possible job. From sewer and drain contractors to plumbers, municipal businesses, and engineering firms, we help you build and promote your business. Through our extensive experience, we provide you with step-by-step guidance.

What to Expect

We train, guide, support, and coach our clients. From experienced engineers and municipal administrators to newly hired technicians, our goal is to ensure the effectiveness, efficacy, accuracy, and precision of trenchless pipe rehabilitation. Our clients can expect in-depth information and hands-on training. Our clients may choose an education package or work with us on a retainer basis.

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All About Our Consulting Services

Clients consult us on project and business management. Whether your team needs help with a complicated undertaking or getting your business off the ground, count on us to guide you through it.

Project Management

For new businesses and existing companies expanding into trenchless pipe rehabilitation, we provide trenchless education and coaching. Our field support and training ensure safety and efficiency. We also help you with project design and specifications, inspections, and best practices. Our emergency phone support gets you through any challenge.

Managing a new or growing business presents a challenge. Our marketing and staffing recruitment help you employ the best people for the job. We also assist with increasing sales and maintaining a comfortable growth rate.

Business Management


15 years of


expert in CIPP and Trenchless Rehab


field professional in pipe lining industry


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